Sunday, December 18, 2016

Livy's 1st Birthday Party!

      Miss Liv had a blast at her party!  Her birthday happened to fall on a Saturday, so she         got to party on her actual birthday.  We had so many friends and family come and are                                              so grateful to each of them.  
The Princess in her throne.  She ate her favorite food, watermelon, for lunch.
 After lunch, she opened presents, and per typical one year old behavior, loved all the wrapping paper and boxes!

 She also loved her new soft baby that she got!

 Then it was time for cake.  The party guests enjoyed cupcakes, while Liv got her own adorable smash cake.

 She wasn't quite sure why everyone was singing, but made us all proud and dove right into her cake afterwards.

 She somehow managed to eat most of the cake, with getting little on her, good girl!
 All sugared up and happy as can be after cake!

 Such a ham for the camera.

Such a fun day celebrating our favorite baby girl!


I seriously cannot believe this little girl is already one.  It's breaks my heart a little to think of how quickly that first year went.  Every moment since she was born has been an absolute dream. My pregnancy was so rough and miserable and the second she was here it was all worth it and I have tried to to soak up every moment with her.  I am in love with her photo shoot pictures and I will cherish them forever.

 Her photo shoot wouldn't be complete without a little drama.  I didn't even think about her wanting to play with the decorations on top of the cake, instead of eating it.  We only hard a short amount of time for the session so I took away the cake toppers to try and get her to eat her cake and she was so mad!

 Finally got her to taste the cake and she settled down some, but was still mad while she ate it!

 She. Is. The. Best.
 A little about Olivia Jane at 12 months-She has got some serious personality going on and loves to talk and say Uh-Oh.  Her love affair with watermelon has only increased and I have to cut her off so she doesn't get the runs! She still only has 2 teeth and is FINALLY starting to be mobile via bum-scooting, just like Logan.  I am trying not to stress about her being on the slow end of mobility, but I am maintaining hope that she will start crawling soon and walking before 18 months.  She loves to throw everything on the floor and unload any/everything.  She likes to clap, wave, play pat-a-cake, and be tickled.  She has the best laugh!
12 Month Stats
Height-29.3 Inches (50%)
Weight-20 lbs 10 oz (60%)
Head-very large, enough said!

 Outdoor movie in the park to end a fantastic birthday!
 Siblings though...

 One of my all time favorite pictures of my 2 girls.  I am so glad they have each other and love watching their relationship grow.
Livy with blonde hair!
 Liv took her second road trip to St. George over Labor Day Weekend.  She did pretty good in the car and slept great while we were there, which is all I could ask for.  It was fun getting Livy and her cousin Hailey together again.

 Loving the warm water and red mud

 Cookie face!

 This swimsuit is my favorite

 Headbands are becoming a thing of the past.  She almost always take them off now.
 So Grabby

 On the verge of tears!

What a wonderful year it has been.  We are so blessed to have this ray of sunshine in our lives.  Can't wait to see what this next year has in store, as long as it goes slow!